3D Consulting Nordic

Founded by Anton Månsson in 2018, 3D Consulting Nordic focus on providing specialized solutions for anything 3D.

Intertwined in the digital field in Scandinavia from years of experience, we at 3D Consulting Nordic enable unique and efficient solutions for our customers no matter size.

We provide a wide spectrum of customized services including marketing, content creation, digitization and 3D production.

If your project involve 3D or aim to, we can help.



Located in Stockholm, Sweden we focus on staying close and personal with clients in all of Scandinavia.

With that said we know many of our clients have delicate objects that cannot be moved to be digitized and we’re always happy to find a solution for a project no matter where it’s located.

Business information

Company: 3D Consulting Nordic
Business ID: 9005130019
VAT: SE900513001901
Bankgiro: 177-2821
IBAN: SE07 8000 0821 4969 3731 1667

Contact Person:
Anton Månsson