3D Scanning to avoid casting molds

Creating a mold of a persons face is a very traditional and hands-on way of getting creating art. It’s been used for centuries and can allow artist to express themselves by literately expressing themselves.

In the modern day and age, 3D scanning is a fantastic substitute as it allows a whole new level of possibilities.

In this customer case we’ll dig a bit deeper into what the benefits of 3D-scanning is and how 3D Consulting Nordic can help you explore new possibilities!

3D Consulting Nordic  3D scan a person to avoid physical mold making

Here at 3D Consulting Nordic we love enabling artists to express themselves. In this case our Norwegian artist couldn’t use a physical mold (enclosing themselves in gypsum) and wanted to explore other options.

Using a 3D-scanner we could capture a digital copy of the person and hand it over for 3D Printing via an already preferred service provider of the artist. Of course, we could offer 3D printing in house as well!

3D scanning using non-contact options

We used a Handheld 3D-scanner that projects light (and records the reflection) to produce 3D-data. It’s a 100% non-contact solution that offers resolution down to 0.2mm details (for scanning a person). It can offer down to around 0,05/0,1mm for mechanical parts.

The only real drawback is that it flashes a light around 5-15 times a second, which could pose problems for persons who suffer from epileptics.

As light needs a surface to reflect, scanning hair is very difficult. We used a tight hat to catch the shape of the head and do some work in post-processing to get the form correct.

What 3D Scanning can enable

By creating a digital copy instead of a physical, we have more options to modify the data and create unique and new opportunities. How about producing miniature casting models for exhibitions? Or why not scale up the artwork to several times real-world size?

The possibilities are endless with digital copies, combined with 3D Printing and other manufacturing techniques. If you’re curious on whats possible or have ideas you want to explore, please contact 3D Consulting Nordic and let’s create together!