Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42 prototype 3D print

Flying Flipper are launching the new Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42, a stunning, top performing boat that reminds me of an exclusive fighter jet. Clearly it’s also inspired by the latest and coolest sportscars. Maybe we can call it the sportscar in the sea?

Revealing this stunning Superfly GT 42 at the Cannes Yacht Festival needs to be an hands on experience to fully appreciate the concept boat.

An amazing way to accomplish impressive concept models is 3D printing, which is why Flying Flipper approached us at 3D Consulting Nordic.

Here’s what we did and how the story unfolded.

3D Consulting Nordic (3DCN) were tasked with the 3D Printing and pre-finishing of the the Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42 3D printed model.

Being a full spectrum provider we were able to convert the ‘unprintable’ surface models, originating from Designers, who created the model for renderings and not printing, in Rhino 3D to a complex uni-body solid 3D model.

The model were then scaled according to the customers preferences.

We then process the solid model creating hull sections that fit in our current 3D Printer machine park, enabling both faster and more scalable printing processes.

Base surface before remodelling
CAD-Remodelling including interior features

The only way we can 3D print a roughly 80cm long model with the current 3D print machine park is to divide it into different segments.

This is a pretty interesting process where you have to weight in different printing angles and part sizes to reduce seams and make sure they align later.

To reduce volume and divide weight in the final model we created cavities for easier alignment and more seams to weld in the final stages. Due to the nature of partially filled 3D Prints it’s important to balance your model when it’s put on a small stand.

Sliced parts (after printing)

Our processing involves a lot of sanding, polishing, gluing and painting.

There’s nothing fancy here. Just a lot of work.

Flying Flipper have a dedicated paint shop and will put the finishing touches on the color and coating themselves.

We provide them with a prepared model and painted details like seat and engines.

Finished delivery from 3D Consulting Nordic
Engines before painting

The final showpiece

Flying Flipper continues a great job painting and coating the Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42 3D print into an exclusive and beautiful showpiece.

Oh, Did I mention the roof opens up so you can see the futuristic fighter-pilot cockpit design?

All in all we are super happy to be part in this fantastic project and the evolving legacy of Flying Flipper.

Finally a HUGE congratulations to Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42 with the ‘Concept under 40 meter’ awards from Yacht and Aviation Awards 2018 – Shortlisted!

See the official (may I say epic) teaser video:

Superfly GT 42 Teaser from Red Yacht Design on Vimeo.

Yacth and aviation awards 2018